Friday, 18 September 2009

sshh don't tell anyone...... xmas is coming......

hi all
i was so busy playing with my bigshot [which i love lol] and speading lots of money[which i don't have] on crafting i nearly forgot to post!
i will be posting pics of the rest of my pressies and some cards i am making for xmas, yes people the time has come to start getting into gear and getting them done, i have made 100 for charity and am now doing friends and family and yes stampers 10 ladies that includes you too!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL
I am also making halloween treat boxes for my son's class and friends so i have been a busy bee and this has been done in my spare time as i am job and house hunting at the moment and i am studying at uni ,why do i do these things? answers on a comment please it's cheaper than therapy LOL
happy crafting

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Abi Bundy said...

sssshhhhh i've got swaps to make before i start christmas cards!!