Sunday, 18 October 2009

just a quick one!

i have been raiding the cd roms to make another batch of cards to sell before christmas so i have made some popcorn bear birthday cards. I have had alot of requests for men's cards so i am making sure i make more of them this time but i can't remember seeing many men's cards about perhaps that's why i have been asked for so many?

also i have playing around with the toilet roll album idea i have seen on youtube and i love it!!! it's great for small occasions and we all have them in the house and it's good to recycle and you can use your scraps because it's a small area to cover fab fab fab great for halloween which is my next one!
Hope you all have had a fab weekend and stayed warm [as it's getting nippy in the air ] happy crafting thanks for stopping by!


Abi Bundy said...

Love the butterfly stamp on the flowers amanda great idea.

Marion said...

Great cards, let's see the men cards please. Marion