Tuesday, 13 October 2009

new goodies

ok i know it's pink [bind it all] but it does more than the blue one? well that's what it said on the box lol
i had been wanting the swiss dots folder for a while so i did, the butterfly stamp was off ebay i actually brought a wwe figure off this lady for jake [my son] and i noticed she had this stamp, marion this may look familar to you it's a little version of the one you lent me lol
basic grey cupcake!!! i love basic grey but sometimes it's just a little too expensive but i sold all of my cards i made [200] so i decided i needed a treat well treats theres more on the way sizzix dies and texture plates,crafters companion ultimate pro board and xmas embossing boards and a nice new bag to put it in well i needed to cheer myself up i haven't been well [my other half is going yeah yeah]
hope your having a great day
happy crafting!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Kathy Simpson said...

Well done you for selling so many cards!
You'll love the Ultimate Pro, I got mine last year & use it all the time. :)

FooFooYelland said...

My husband does the Yeah, Yeah face but is too scared to do the voice aswell! Let me know how you get on with the Bind-it-all. I've been thinking of getting one! My husband will despair. Never mind though, eh? Lol.