Tuesday, 13 October 2009

whoops i nearly forgot xmas cards!

sorry about the photos i totally forgot what light does on a cello bag duh!!! this is a little lot of cards i made along with alot more and sold them in my local town centre for 50p each ,cheap i hear you say well maybe but i want to sell them not take them home [if you know what i mean?]they are only a6 in size and it got rid of alot of all cardstock and bits and pieces to make room for all my stampin up stuff i want no i need!!!!
the good thing about stamps is you can use the same one lots of times and it always looks different!
thanks for dropping by
happy crafting!!!

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FooFooYelland said...

I haven't even come up with designs for Christmas cards let alone started them. I had most of mine done by the end of January last year and it put me off rather.
Must start! Boo.
Congrats on selling them!