Saturday, 16 January 2010

another post i am doing well

here's some more crafty projects i have been working on instead of doing uni work whoops!!! i have found a new box and i can't stop making it so stampers 10 ladies, one will be coming your way at the last [boo hoo] meeting! my friend had a baby girl recently so i have made a baby box and then i thought valentines day is coming soon so i took my love bug as inspiration and got all lovey dovey. On the scrapbook kit challenge i have made so far 14 things!!! i will be posting them tomorrow as i haven't taken photos yet! happy crafting everyone!!!


Abi Bundy said...

these look really cute amanda!

Kathy Simpson said...

Love 'em all!
I'm a bit sad about the last stampers 10 meeting too, you'll have to start up your own now you're gonna be a demo. :)